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Koh Waeo and the Sirinat National Park

Koh Waeo

Half Day Trips from Nai Yang

(only between November and April)

A perfect destination for divers and snorkelers alike, our little Island of Koh Waeo - the Jewel of the Andaman Sea - offers something very special to divers and snorkelers. Just 15 min away it is an unforgettable trip along the coast.

Porcupine fish, Parrot fish, Baracuda, Anemone fish (Nemo's), Turtles and many more species are waiting for you. Our second spot is Stone Coral Garden. It's a fantastic playground for the fish with huge stone coral formations near a pristine beachline. Snorkelers may also enter the beach.

On request we also dive at the local Tin Mining Wreck, which is not far away and sits at a depth of 14 - 15 m. With all its marine life it is an excellent spot for underwater Photographers. Being the only habitat in this area a huge range of marine life have settled here, Lionfish, Batfish, Porcupine fish to name a few and even Flatheads and blue spotted rays can be seen here.


The Choktip is a real beauty! The slim design, fibre glass body and twin 200 Horsepower Yamaha engines let her fly over the water. Mix the feelings of thrill and comfort by feeling the wind on your face on the deck or relax on the cushioned seating. We board directly from the beach and offer an easy boat access after diving or snorkelling. We also have a toilet on board for your comfort.


Only with us:

Toilet on board

Shaded seatings

max 1:4 group size

GPS, Radio and First Aid Station

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