Phang Nga (James Bond) Trip

No Diving, no snorkelling….but the best trip in the world !


A feast for the eye and blessing for the soul. On this trip you you will run out of words to describe the stunning beauty of Phang Nga. Accompanied by sea eagles our speedboat flies through islands that where modeled by god himself: 300 meter high walls rising from the oceans bed, stalactites on the outer face of sheer rocks, endless mangrove forests, white lonely beaches and secret caves.

Again we want you to experience this beauty in a different way to the many day boats with there endless stream of group holiday makers. Away from their trodden path in old hookers  we will take you directly from our dive base to our lovely and traditional thai pier, hidden in the mangroves with its huge families of wild monkeys. From there we will show you the outstanding beauty of the Phang Nga Area, including of course the famous “James Bond” Rock where many scenes from the film “The man with the golden gun” were taken. We carefully select our visits the way that no other boats are present when we visit secret caves, swim beneath towering rocks or walk through dark caves into hidden lagoons. Unequaled moments await you.


PhangNga-370x250-3Of course our lunch on the beach also belongs to this trip. Freshly made thai food, cold drinks or an ice cold beer will make you feel like in an endless dream. We take our time to bath in the sun and swim in the warm waters before making our way back home. Sometimes we just can´t let go and visit small islands an beaches on our way back… wishing the day would never end !


PhangNga-370x250-4Regretfully the diving and snorkelling is forbidden in the national park, but we promise you unrivaled impressions that will keep with you all your life !

Many Tour operators offer this trip… but we do it differently…to make your holiday very special !

Phang Nga Trip Facts:

Not every day but at least twice a week

from 10:00 till 16:00 for only 3.000 Baht
includes: coffee, tea, water, fruit, guiding and lunch on the beach

(November until April)